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The artwork "Spine", commissioned specifically for a private collection, becomes a revealing conductor for real-time information of Frankfurt's meteorological data, including wind velocity, temperature, atmospheric pressure or humidity. The flow of information is represented by particles that draw their own trail, creating abstract forms that register the pulse of the city’s weather. The bigger the value of the represented data, the more meandering the trace will be. The size of the lines indicates the moment in which the data was registered: the more recent data corresponds to the thicker traces, and the slimmer to the older ones, as an echo of the past. The LED installation climbs up through the house, emerging from the ground of the first floor, traversing the ceiling, and reappearing on the second level. The artwork has a life of its own, following the driving force of the particles that flow towards the sky, the original source of Spine's data.
Flexible LED screen, computer, generative custom software, real-time data, metal structure