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“Drift” is an art commission created specifically for a private residency. Employing a custom-made algorithm, “Drift” captures data connected to the Snake River, reacting in real-time to information related to its temperature, flow and current speed, sourced from various online data streams. Once the information is gathered, the algorithm molds the data into a liquid-like animation reminiscent of the topographic contours of a river's course.

The color palette of the artwork takes inspiration from Shoshone textiles, combining the vibrant hues and earthy tones found in traditional rugs and fabrics created by indigenous this tribe. The resulting text-based images reveal a polychromatic and multi-layered abstraction that is constantly in flux and devoid of repetition.

The hypnotic and gentle dynamics within "Drift" respond to the changing seasons throughout the year, inspiring us to align our modern lives in ways that mirror the wondrous navigation already present in our natural environments.
LED custom screen P1.5 (GIRA LA) 4000 x 500 mm, generative custom software, computer.