Chyron Special Edition

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Chyron is rendered with the chyrons of news channels, that is, the information superimposed over the lower part of a screen. The tickers intertwine like a large frayed fabric, a tangle that evokes the fragile and at times unstable balance of an information ecosystem created from disparate and even conflicting sources. Updated in real time, this algorithmic artwork features chyrons of major international news channels, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC News, Bloomberg, BBC News, Reuters, CNBC, Al Jazeera and Le Monde. 

Chyron belongs to the Pixelweaver series, which draws on textiles as a metaphor for the social fabric created, and sometimes destroyed, by data. These artworks pay tribute to the close relationship between information technology and textiles, beginning with the jacquard's loom in the early nineteenth century, considered by many historians to be the first computer. For this new series, Studio Daniel Canogar has developed a virtual loom based on craft techniques. This algorithmic tool enables the creation of a wide range of patterns from different sources or "spools".
Projection, generative custom software, computer
Installation view, bitforms gallery, New York, 2023