Amalgama Phillips

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Amalgama Phillips is a collaboration with The Phillips Collection (Washington D.C.) as part of its Digital Intersections program, in celebration of the museum's 100th anniversary.

Amalgama Phillips is a generative video created from the artworks of the museum’s permanent collection. The artwork liquifies the collection by means of an algorithm. The programming for Amalgama Phillips transforms the paintings from their boxlike shapes to more fluid forms in constant transformation. The works of art loose their original proportion and individuality, as they contaminate and dissolve into each other; they also shed their core materiality, to become intangible digital files projected onto the walls of the museum.

The perpetual activity of Amalgama Phillips evokes the continuous flux of digital information and underlines the recent emergence of new forms of culture and art consumption through digital media. Furthermore, the coexistence of artworks from different periods in just one body of work is a metaphor for the elimination of linear time in the digital realm: past, present and future collapse into each other, flattened by the leveling effect of the internet.

Amalgama Phillips - now part of the museum’s collection - is a new version of its predecessor, Amalgama El Prado, an artwork created in collaboration with The Prado Museum in 2019, again to celebrate the museum’s 200th anniversary.
Generative video projection
Installation dimensions: 29 ft. x 20,5 ft.