Wayward Stills

Photo Info
Wayward Stills is an assemblage of moments distilled from Waywarda generative artwork that reprocesses photojournalistic images from the daily news with visual effects that evoke analogue and photochemical techniques of the past. 
Wayward Stills carefully selects highlights from this ever-changing project, featuring snapshots of various events such as military conflicts, scientific discoveries, political turmoil and other contemporary topics. Each evening, the artist freezes the ongoing animation and saves the resulting images, making the selection process a nightly ritual. In this way, Wayward Stills also embodies the daily practice of reflecting on and interpreting the events that unfold through the lens of this artwork. Seeking to capture the frenetic pace of modern information dissemination, Wayward Stills endeavors to momentarily suspend this captivating flux, transforming it into an object of contemplation that reflects the intricacies of our complex historical era. 
The piece is inspired by the postwar artists who began to use photographs from the press, such as Andy Warhol, Martha Rosler, Robert Rauschenberg and Wolf Vostell. In the sixties, social protests encouraged many artists to manipulate press photos of wars, political demonstrations and other social upheavals. Silk-screen prints, photomontages, collages and other appropriation techniques largely dominated this era. Fifty years later, Wayward Stills reprocesses photojournalistic images, but this time filtered by the digital tool. 
Pigmented prints on wool paper
Stills of the generative artwork Wayward