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Tendril is a permanent installation created for Tampa International Airport which emerges from the artists fascination with representations of ruins that depict nature reabsorbing what was built by humans. The artwork is composed of ribbon-shaped LED screens that coil around the trusses of Airside Fs central space in the airport. Tendril evokes the coiling shapes of vines curling around a trellis. The videos screened on the artwork depict a rich variety of native South Florida vines. 

Tendrils video animations suggest vigorous reclamation of territory, shifting from fast invasive gestures to tranquil sequences of species settling into their new home. The native plants are invited into the interior of the airport, thus connecting indoor with outdoor space. The abstract animation, spread over the artwork, is generative and forever changing, thus becoming a work of endless combinations.

Tendril was developed in collaboration with the University of South Floridas Botanical Garden.

Flexible LED screen, computer, generative custom software, real-time data, metal structure
Dimensions:  3,6 x 10,7 x 12,50 m/ 12’ x 35’ x 41’. 
Tampa International Airport, Tampa, FL.