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Daniel Canogar’s new series "Surge" explores how the world of data negotiates its relationship with the physical world. The project emerges from the artist’s preoccupation with the intangible – and invisible - nature of one of the main driving forces of our economy and society: the data-sphere.  This “crisis of visibility” makes it very difficult for most of the population to comprehend how big data is impacting their lives. To materialize the world of data is an attempt to help us cognitively incorporate this new reality.
The artworks are ribbon-shaped LED-screens that emerge from the wall with curving gestures and then descend to the floor. The screens become conduits of data related to real-time meteorological information of the city of Geneva, including wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. The flow of information is represented via particles that leave trails behind them, creating abstract forms that take the pulse of the city’s activities. 

Flexible LED screen, computer, generative custom software, real-time data, metal structure
Dimensions: variables. 
Photographs taken during solo show "Melting the Solids",Wilde Gallery, Geneve, Switzerland