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From the origins of collecting, the notion of property always came accompanied by a physical, unique and unrepeatable object. In contemporary times, and even more since the peak of NFTs, the value isn't located in the physical artwork -as the original is infinitely reproducible without loss of quality-, but in the notion of the certified possession. We are attending to the total dematerialization of art, a paradigmatic turning point in history that radically changes how we understand material culture and archiving. 

This evolution of the artistic object has stimulated the appearance of new ways of market value, like the NFTs, a phenomena that we have followed closely and on which we've wanted to reflect with Shred.

Shred is a generative animation that uses NFTs as raw material. The algorithm that activates the dynamic content of the screen -custom designed by the studio- captures in real time thousands of NFTs that are being uploaded to e-commerce platforms. It then shreds the images into rows of pixels, and like in a loom, weaves the rows together into new configurations. This incessant activity  evokes the incessant and indefatigable fever of digital collecting.
4K HDR screen, generative custom software, computer.