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Scrawl is a generative piece that reacts in real time to trending topics on X, formerly known as Twitter.  The custom-made software gathers periodically the most talked about topics in the X community. These topics are translated in real time to the graphic aesthetic of graffiti and street protest signage which, contrary to professional graffiti or street art, are created quickly and anonymously. As a piece in a constant state of flux, Scrawl tries to capture the multiple tensions that coexist in social spaces like X, where the individual identity –always hidden behind the screen- expresses itself in its rawest, and perhaps most real and honest version.

Scrawl’s pace replicates the layers applied to urban walls, where graffiti texts are constantly covered with swaths of flat paint, creating a new canvas for a new succession of graffiti. This effect evokes the struggle between the citizens’ yearning for individual communication and the institutional desire to erase and clean the chaotic world of graffiti. The outcome is an algorithmic piece constantly shifting between the aesthetic of social protest and abstract painting.

4k screen, generative custom software, real-time data, computer.