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The title of the exhibition, Quadratura”, refers to the Renaissance pictorial techniques of creating three-dimensional effects on flat surfaces. The installations that are part of Quadratura” equally try to give three-dimensionality to the image, but in this case the moving image. Cinema becomes sculpture, and in this way, explores the uneasy space between material presence and projected illusion.

The legacy of cinematic invention and the fast-paced rhythm of technological innovation has served as inspiration for Daniel Canogar. For this exhibition the artist showcases four multi-media projection installations in which he appropriates and repurposes obsolete audiovisual media such as 35 mm film, VHS tape, analogue television screens and the soon-to-disappear DVD. These media are sculpturally arranged so as to become screens, surfaces onto which video animations are projected. This effect seems to bring them back to life, exploring in this way the phantasmagorical properties of the moving image, and its psychic associations to desire and illusion. The artist attempts to liberate both personal and collective memories trapped within these technologies that not too long ago were part of our quotidian life. Accelerated technological obsolescence seems to discard these memory-containers all too easily, and with them our sense of our past and our identity.

“Quadratura” is Daniel Canogar’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia, conformed by four intallations. 

Tracks, 2010. 
Flicker , 2012.
Frequency, 2012. 
Sikka Magnum, 2013.
60 Hz, 2014. 

Location: Bildmuseet Art and Visual Culture. Umeå, Sweden.

Photos 1 and 2 Credit: Polly Yassin / Bildmuseet
Photo Credit: Daniel Canogar