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Our relationship with screens has changed significantly through the last years. From wrist devices that monitor our biorhythms to huge advertisement billboards that wrap buildings. Screens are acquiring a new materiality, a membrane quality that spreads over multiple surfaces, objects and architectures. The series "Echo" reflects on this new conception of screen-skin and proposes luminic and meandering devices that show the guts of the gadget, the cables and components that are usually hidden. These screens abandon the passivity imposed by our eagerness to represent the world, to perceive and dialogue actively with its surroundings, reaching beyond the limits of our senses. They shape a new body that represents and feels the ecosystem through the internet.

The content of the screens that compose the "Echo" series, in constant connection and mutation, react to meteorologic information in real time, like earthquakes, fires or atmospheric contamination. In doing so, it translates crucial rates for the survival of the species into an aesthetic experience that shed light on and focalise the interest towards the increasing environmental problem.
Flexible LED screen, computer, generative custom software, real-time data, metal structure