Cannula Münich

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Cannula, a generative video-work installed in the library of Beyond by Geisel Hotel, allows guests to interact with the artwork. Via an iPad, queries are submitted to YouTube, and the top 100 videos that appear under these searches are downloaded to the artwork. An algorithm transforms these videos into a liquid animation that riffs off painterly abstract expressionism. Certain details remain recognizable -a face, a hand, an automobile- in the constantly mutating amorphous shapes being generated by the artwork. Depending on the subject matter of the queries, the color, scheme and rhythm of the abstraction varies.

Permanent installation of Full HD screens, generative custom software, computer.
BEYOND by Geisel Hotel, Münich, Germany. 
Dimensions: First screen: 70” x 64,8”. Second and third screen: 70”x 78”.