BBVA City collection

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In September 2018 Cannula, Xylem and Gust II were installed in the BBVA Bank headquarters in Madrid, becoming part of the BBVA art collection. 

Cannula´s animation riffs off painterly abstract expressionism. The palette of this artwork is not painting, but rather YouTube videos that correspond to a selection of preestablished queries. A computer downloads the top 100 videos of these queries, which then get projected as a liquid composition.

Xylem features a generative animation created with real-time data from 383 global financial index funds. The vertical movement of the animation faithfully reflects rising or dropping prices of daily trading quotes updated every 10 second. The palette of colors in the artwork has been taken from the hues of the main currencies in the world.

Gust II is a screen made with flexible LED tiles, a technology that allows the artist to create curved screens. The generative animation reacts in real-time to Madrid´s wind speed and direction.